FCA Summer School
Estes Park, Colorado
summer school group photo

Florida Central Academy had an associated Summer School in Estes Park, Colorado. Pictured above in this mid 60s photo are administrators, including Col. Allen and Mr. Soukup, staff and students. Click on the image for a larger version with names.

  Col. Allen lodge

This was Col. Allen's lodge at the Summer School.

Colorado Summer School 1969

Andy Pargh writes --- "Hi, I found this photo and would like to share it with the alumni. This photo was taken the summer of 1969 at FCA's Colorado Summer School in Estes Park, CO. I attended the CSS in the summers of 1969 and 1970 and FCA in 1971 and graduated in 1972. In 1969 there were nine students and in 1970 there were six students. While I don't remember everyone's name in this photo, here are the names I remember:
Bobby Bass, Guy Beardsley, Richard Paulk, John Heard and Ed Whitten (and me - Andy Pargh).  The Staff were, Mr. Soukoup, Mr. Mickey Granger and Irma."

"Best Regards, Andy Pargh Class of 1972"  (Click on Picture for Larger View)

  On the wall of Mr. Soukup's office at FCA was a picture of him atop a grand old stage coach. Apparently Mr. Soukup had taken a spill off the coach one summer. The coach had taken a turn too tightly, and it toppled, throwing Mr. Soukup off.

Sears Young writes, "I had heard something about the stage coach but I don't know any more than you mentioned and I had forgotten that. The one thing Mr. Soukup cared for more than anything was the pair of Tony Lama boots he had. I often wondered if he was still wearing them all the time after I left. I know he had those boots for at least 2 years I was in Colorado and they still looked like they came out of the box. As I remember he had a silver cap on the point of the boots.

There was a stable in Estes Park that we used to ride at. They used to have all kinds of pictures on the walls there of the things we did with them. I had heard a number of years later that the stable closed. I imagine if he had ridden a stage it probably was through that stable. It has been so long I have no idea what the name of the stable was."



 summer school brochure cover

More from Sears: "Getting back to Colorado. They took us to a rodeo while we were there. It was the first time I had been to one. I had seen some on TV but being there was great. One other place they took us to was Roy Roger's Ranch. They had a place that Roy and Dale owned there and they had a huge number of picnic tables and had fresh barbecued roast beef and entertainment. We had a great time there.

We did lots of things at the Summer School like horse shoe contests, pancake eating contest, riding, etc. When you post the picture of the lodge inside you will see a standing board on the left. That was our class room and thats where we ate dinner. The standing note pad was the black board."

Summer School photos and info provided by E. Sears Young, Class of 1967.

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