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Florida Central Academy provided a complete sports program including varsity and junior varsity basketball, baseball, softball, and soccer. An eighteen hole golf course (the Orange Hills Golf Course) adjoined the school grounds, as did a cross country path. A swimming pool along with tennis,volleyball, and handball courts rounded out the facilities. In later years a race track was begun but never finished. All students were required to participate in some form of intramural sports. The Florida Central teams were collectively called The Red Devils.

Gym interior

To the left is a photo of the interior of the gym, circa 1970. The Red Devils basketball, soccer, softball, tennis, golf and baseball teams competed against other schools in the central Florida area. Some of our 'worthy' opponents were: Montverde Academy, Howey Academy, Sanford Naval Academy, Tavares Academy, Mt. Dora Bible, Wildwood, DeLand, Trinity, Lake Highlands Academy, and Warner Christian Academy from Daytona.

1964 Junior Varsity Basketball Team

This slightly damaged photo of the 1964 Junior Varsity Basketball team was sent in by Bob Jackson, class of 1968. Standing between manager Dennis Enck and Coach Bud Brookes, are, from left to right, team members (top row): Glenn Price, Richard Nordbrock, Henry Cogan, and Michael Goldsmith, (bottom row): Bruce Barber, ?, ?, Robert Herman, and Thomas Fitch. Can anyone help us to identify the two students between Bruce and Robert? Click on the image to see a larger version.

Athletic page

At left is the top half of a page from a mid 60s brochure that was used to advertise the school. Mr. R. L. Brashear is listed as Head Basketball Coach and a Member of the Executive Committee. Click on the image of Mr. Brashear to see the full page. Also on the page is a picture of swimming and diving practice.

1976 Varsity Cheerleaders

A photo of the 1976 Varsity Cheerleaders sitting on the low stucco wall that lead from Adair Road up to Allen Hall. The classrooms can be seen in the upper right. The girls are, left to right, back row: Deb Chafin, Diane Parrot, Nancy Truly, Debbie Peterson, Jacquie Faust, ?, Pam Parrot; front row: Cindy Dickens and Kim Hollar. Photo sent in by Art Copeland,class of 1976. Click photo for large version.

1982 Varsity Cheerleaders

This photo was sent in by Jude Rodrigues, class of 1982. He writes: "These were our cheerleaders in an unpublished photo for the yearbook." Left side of photo: Rona Alford (1983), Celeste Ritter (1982), Monique Alexis (1982); Center of photo (top to bottom): Angie DeCarlo (1982), Michelle Alexis (1982), Sharon Merkel (1982); Right side of photo: Sandra Perez (1982), Georgina Seymour (1982), Laura Peltier (1982). Click photo for large version.

Ralph Baker in Sports Illustrated

Ralph Baker (class of 1976) was featured in the Faces in the Crowd section in Sports Illustrated, May 24, 1976. Ralph, along with teammate Frank Blanco (class of 1976), visited the Tampa Bay Roudies training camp before graduating that year. Both Ralph and Frank were considered serious candidates for draft by the Roudies.

John Tuttle in baseball uniform

Pictured here is John Tuttle, class of 1972, wearing a FCA varsity baseball uniform. John writes: "Not the best picture but it is me in my baseball uniform. This would be during the 1971 baseball season. I was the starting pitcher. I think we were at Sanford Naval Academy or Mt. Dora Bible, not sure which. My dad sent this to me. Brings back memories of playing ball for Coach Grandey who was a great coach to play for."

FCA football??!! This was sent in by E. Sears Young, class of 1967: "It would have been in the fall of '66 since I graduated in '67 and they didn't have a team the first year. As I remember it, the first year the team was put together they only won 1 game. It was the last one of the season and they won that one because they put all the ineligible players in. They did average about 2 in the hospital per game and the other teams in the later part of the season were not too thrilled to play us. The school at the time had also commented that the program may not be continued."

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