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Welcome to our scrapbook of pictures from various FCA Reunions. We have formed an alumni association for the purpose of providing a tribute to the school and to locate and reunite as many alumni as possible. We hope you enjoy these pictures of some of the many faces that once occupied this beautiful campus. Please note that we are using maiden names throughout in an attempt to avoid confusion. A directory containing contact information and a short autobiography (when provided) will be available by request.

Although there have been several reunions over the years since the school closed, we only have photographs from a few at this time...

The 2010 Reunion was held at  Wyndham Orlando Resort in Orlando Florida on Labor Day Weekend 2010 (Sept 3rd-5th). This was a very different reunion since it encompassed people from the very early years to the last graduating class from FCA in 1983. The Reunion was the effort of Laurie Friese Booth FCA (1976). There was a dinner and events that were scheduled for the reunion through the weekend. Most of the event was photographed and pictures are available on Facebook and also on Alumnis Photos on Facebook..

The 2007 Reunion was held at The Florida Hotel & Conference Center in Orlando Florida on June 22nd-24th, 2007. This was truly a very diverse and wonderful experiment in FCA Reunions. We had classes from the very early 1970's to the late 1980's. This Reunion was the combined efforts of Cherry Murwin (1982), and Jude Rodrigues (1982). Thanks to Donna Buckley Heller (1982) for Alumni Research. Once again thanks to Douglas Currence for our wonderful reunion T-shirts. The shirt designs were provided in part by Peter Thorpe. Our accomodations and events were planned by Cherry Murwin. Onsite photography were combined efforts of Richard Blakely, Jude Rodrigues, and digital picture donations by the entire attending group of Alumnus. We appreciate all those who attended this event and truly enjoyed all the events and meetings. We look forward to more reunions to come.

Here are pictures from this 2007 Reunion Event

The 2002 Reunion was held at the Renaissance Orlando Hotel in Orlando Florida. This reunion in June had people from the 70s to the very last class of 1983 who graduated. We did manage to find faculty who attended also. Thanks to the combined efforts of Donna Buckley Heller (1982), Cherry Murwin (1982), and Jude Rodrigues (1982) this event went smoothly and was a success. Thanks to Doug Currence for all the reunion shirts. Thanks to Ed Wicyniak, Eleni Dariotis, Gus Maalab, Donna Heller,  Jude Rodrigues, and others who took the time to send us pictures of this event. Hope to do this again soon !!

Click here to see pictures from this reunion

A 2001 Roomies Reunion was held by several girls from early 80's graduating classes. To see the pictures sent in by Denise Erlich, class of '81, and Tami Thompson, class of '81, click here.

The 2000 Reunion was the first event to attempt to bring students, faculty, and staff together from the entire duration of the school's existence. It was held at the Orlando Airport Marriott on the weekend of July 29th. It was organized by Deb Hulse (73-75). Deb was also the emcee for the evening as well as the hostess for the entire event. Another Alumni handled all the financing and made most of the special arrangements. Speaking of special, Mary Lynn Jordan (faculty 73-75) of our alumni association was unable to attend. She was very instrumental in locating and contacting everyone. If you were able to attend and can find a little spare time, please relay your memories of the reunion to her at ladykiter@aol.com. Also many thanks to Sharon Steele (73-75) and Beth Williams (73-75), who were our registrars for the Banquet.

To see Reunion 2000 photos by Lynda Wyatt, class of '77, click here.
To see Reunion 2000 photos by Jude Rodrigues, class of '82, click
To see Reunion 2000 photos by Donna Smith, class of '75, click
To see Reunion 2000 photos by Beth Williams, class of '75, click
To see Reunion 2000 photos class of '78, click here.
To see some of the re
mnants of the 2000 Reunion Information page, click here.

The 1999 Reunion was held at the Holiday Inn at Wymore in Altamonte on the weekend of August 13th. It was organized by Pamela Parrott, Steve Kerr, and Kim Parnell. Click here to download a special slide presentation by Kim Parnell.
The Great Reunion of 1990 was held in July at the Orlando Airport Marriott. It was organized by Laurie Friese (74-76), and emceed by David Caplan (74-76). Over 150 FCA alumni were present and many brought their spouses and children. Several faculty members attended including Mr. Stevens, Mr. Coleman, Mary Lynn Jordan, and Nurse Thelma Keegan. There were speeches and awards. Several people made a special trip to the old FCA school grounds. A group photo was taken and a video was made the night of the banquet. Click here to visit the page.
Here are some special photos from the 2000 reunion:
Donna Smith and Ted Cudnick We want to thank Ted Cudnick (faculty 73-74) who volunteered to help with the T-shirts sales at the 2000 Reunion Banquet. Ted was our Guidance Counselor, English/Typing Teacher, and a 300 Building Resident. To the left is a photo of Ted and Donna Smith (74-75) at the 2000 reunion. They are among the relatively few we have found who have managed to keep in touch over the years.

Mr. Coleman and Peter Thorpe
The busy guy with the big smile who is shaking Mr. Coleman's hand is Peter Thorpe (72-76), the artist responsible for the design of this Web site. He also designed the T-shirts for both the 1990 and the 2000 Reunions.
Deb Hulse Sharon Steele, Beth Williams
Pictured above are Deb Hulse, Sharon Steele, and Beth Williams who all attended FCA from 1973 through 1975.
Thelma and Llowelyn Doane
This is nurse Thelma (Keegan) and her husband Llowelyn Doane of 22 years. Some of us called her mom.. She took care of us when we didn't feel well and even took some of us to church with her. She was great to talk to and wouldn't excuse most of us from class unless we were really sick. She served FCA from 1970 through the summer of 1975..
Ed and Kim Kopcha We found Ed Kopcha (72-74) on July 17, 2000. He was married July 22nd and had plans to be returning to Indiana from his honeymoon on July 29th, the last day of the reunion. He sent this picture with the following note:
"Hi Gang, Sorry we can't join you. We're off to Negril, Jamacia, for a honeymoon. If plans could have been changed to return early, we would have loved to be there. Have a great party and hope to see some of you in the near future. Sincerely, Kim and Ed Kopcha"

Pablo Navarrete, class of 1972, and his wife are pictured here in a photo from their 2001 Christmas Card, which includes the caption, "Here we are, in our traditional S.E. Texas winter outfits."
We asked, Hey, Pablo, didn't you use to be the guy at the end of the hall who always blasted the heavy rock? Pablo replies, "
It was probably Black Sabbath, maybe Santana. One of those got me kicked out of the Proctor Corps, rooming next to Colonel Allen."

Pablo Navarrete

Jeff Coleman and Steven Baldwin
Jeff Coleman, class of 1974 and son of Mr. Coleman, is shown here shortly before the 2000 Reunion. He is standing with actor Steven Baldwin on location of a film which highlights skydiving, which is Jeff's speciality. He has worked as a skydiving instructor and guide for various films and TV shows including MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Nice job Jeff!
If you have special reunion pictures (any year) that you would like to share, please let us know!
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We're trying hard to be as correct as possible with dates and the spelling of people's names. If you see any mistakes, please let us know!

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