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August 15, 2000
The Reunion was a complete success! Mr. Brookes, Mr. Coleman, Mr. Stevens, Mr. Cudnik, Nurse Thelma and over 100 alumni attended. Many thanks to Josie Jeanes and Deb Hulse who organized the event, and to Darrel Morris who brought a video of FCA home movies. Also, we had a video made during the banquet and will have more info soon on how to obtain a copy (its still being edited!).

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We are planning to have a big reunion at the Orlando Airport Marriott every four years, starting with the 2000 Reunion. This will give us a reunion every election year. If we run out of things to talk about, then we can argue politics! The four year cycle also means that the reunions will happen each leap year. Its not too early to plan for the 2004 reunion! Spread the word and please tell your FCA friends to register with us!

The 2000 FCA reunion will be at the Orlando Airport Marriott on July 28, and 29! We expect over a hundred alumni and their family members to attend.

We'll see you in sunny Florida!

July 15, 2000
Hey FCA ALUMINI....!!!! Just TWO more weeks to the GREAT 2000 REUNION!!!

Many of you don't know me. My name is Deb Hulse DeHaven-'75. (My brother Bear Thompson graduated in '72.) I was given the task of making name tags and putting together "bio's" and an "address" book of those we located to hand out at the Reuinon. Well folks, time is drawing near and we've yet to receive info from a bunch of you....If you don't wish to be included - that's fine - send me a quick "no thanks"... that'll do...

Likewise... if you'd been planning to come to the Reunion, but hadn't taken the time to send your checks to Josie for the banquet... you need to do it NOW! (If you want to stay at the Marriott still... remember to mention you are with FCA... it may already be to late to get the discount- but it's worth a shot!)

It'll be $35 (CASH) at the door for the banquet - if we have room... (and NO- it does NOT matter if you graduated... if you ATTENDED... you are INVITED!!) and right now - we are way over original "count" ....SO PLEASE... BE IN OUR COUNT!!!!

If you haven't sent bio info... here's what I need... (KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!):

Married: How long? Spouse's Name?
Kids? How many?
Year(s) attended FCA? ... graduate?
Do we have your correct address/phone/e-mail... ??
Ok to include on the list to be passed out?
What are you doing NOW?

Here's mine as an example:

Deb Hulse DeHaven- class of '75... worked in the family business, Charles Chips for 14 years following high-school. Went on to the Quaker Oats Company, moving around the East Coast, for 10 years. Currently back in my home-town of St. Petersburg, Florida, managing an office for a clinical psychologist. Divorced many years,with no children, I share my life many good friends, two very old kitty-cats... and have
developed a passion for sailing... which I do as often as possible on Tampa Bay.

Fondest memory: Probably arranging a reverse "panty-raid" on the boys dorm a couple of weeks before graduation... and the ensuing conversation with Col. Allen once he discovered who was behind it... ah yes... there's more to that story!!

Anyway- stuff like that...cute - but, please G-rated!

Can't wait to see You!!!

Deb Hulse DeHaven '75

April 27, 2000Orlando Airport Marriott
Dear FCA Alumni,
Thanks to those who have already sent in their checks. We do need one-half payment now. The rest is due June 15. We have already put down $2,000 of our own money to secure the Marriott and really need your checks asap!

Please make out the checks and send them to: Josie Jeans Davenport, 4882 S. Semoran, Apt. 1402, Orlando, FL 32822 . Her email is erich7276@prodigy.net.

Please continue to search for your friends and classmates. We need everyone's help to make this a great reunion.

The Orlando Airpot Marriott is pictured to the right.

April 7, 2000
FCA Reunion Update: A Price has been locked in of $79 + 11% tax =
$87.69 per night, two nights minimum, for the Airport Marriott for July 28 and 29, 2000 for the FCA 2000 Reunion. Josie has put down a deposit and the rest of the money is due by June 15. So please make out your checks to Josie and send the money to her. The check-in time at the Marriott is 3:00. The check-out time is 12:00 noon.

The Banquet is Saturday, July 29, from 6:00 - 10:00. The price of the buffet dinner is $30 and there will be a cash bar.

If you have any ideas about what you would like this Reunion to be, please contact any of the 4 people at the end of this announcement. Much help is needed. If you live in the Orlando area and can help out, please contact Josie.

If you are bringing your family and want to see more of the area, you can contact the Orlando/Orange County Convention and Visitors Bureau at 800-255-5786 or go to their website www.go2orlando.com

Thanks to those of you who have already sent in money. We hope everyone will be at the FCA Reunion 2000.

Mary Lynn Jordan (teacher, 1972-1975) LadyKiter@aol.com
Peter Thorpe (class of 1976) Thorpeart@aol.com
John Channon (class of 1975) Channon@swbell.net

March 29, 2000
The REUNION 2000 will be Friday and Saturday, July 28 and July 29 in Orlando at the Orlando Airport Marriott. This is where the 1990 Reunion was held and we all thought it was a great place to meet. The Marriott does provide free airport shuttle, which is convenient for those of you who will be flying.  Please send the money to her at 4882 S. Semoran, Apt. 1402, Orlando, FL 32822. In order to lock in the date and the price of $79 + 11% tax = $87.69 for a double room per night, two nights minimum, we need money now. Please send at least a 50% deposit, which would be $87.69 if you are staying two nights at the Marriott. The Banquet Saturday night, July 29, at the Marriott will cost $30.

We need to know if you are planning on attending the Reunion, even if you will be staying in other places and will only be attending the Banquet. Please email me, Mary Lynn, at LadyKiter@aol.com so we can make our lists of whom has paid and for what. Please put on your check whether it is for Marriott rooms, banquet, or both. Peter Thorpe, Thorpeart@aol.com, and I were at the 1990 Reunion and we'll be glad to answer any questions. Also, please tell your FCA friends. We want everyone there!

Mary Lynn Jordan

You may also contact the Orlando Airport Marriott directly by calling 407-851-9000 or 800-766-6752. When making your reservation, tell them to reserve under Florida Central Academy so that you can get the special rate.
Marriott pool area

This photo of the Marriott's pool area was taken during the 1990 FCA reunion. It was a good place to gather during the day. Don't forget to pack your swim suit!
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To visit the Hotel's web site, which has area information and an interactive map of their location, click on the logo above.

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