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Reunion 2000 Orlando
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These reunion 2000 photos were taken by Beth Williams, class of 1975, at the Orlando Airport Marriott on July 28th and 29th. For reference, girls' maiden names are used. 
  Beth group shot 1
  John Channon, class of 1975, Mark Laurint, class of 1975, Ed Wicyniak, class of 1982, Ricky Cope, class of 1976, Sharon Steele, class of 1975, Eric Ostmark, class of 1975, Jack Morgan, class of 1975, Omar Neil Adams, class of 1976, Robbie Ahern, class of 1976, Michelle Miller, class of 1976.
  Beth group shot 2
  Greg Krajnyak, class of 1975, Zeta Morrison, class of 1976, Kim Hollar, class of 1976, Josie Jeanes, class of 1978, Mystery Man, class of ?, Laurie Friese, class of 1976.
  John Stevens/Ted Cudnick
  John Stevens, class of 1962, faculty and administrator, 1966-1975, Ted Cudnick, teacher, 1973-1975.
Loren Stern/Mr. Coleman
Loren Stern, class of 1978, Mr. Larry Coleman, administrator, 1971-1981,1983. Hey, Loren, didn't Mr. Coleman kick you out????
Nancy Truly/Thelma Keegan 
Nancy Truly, class of 1977, Thelma Keegan, school nurse, 1971-1975.
Rafael, Greg, Jorge
Rafael Jimenez, class of 1974, Greg Krajnyak, class of 1975, Jorge Dijkhuizen, class of 1974. Jorge did some serious cigar smoking at the reunion.
Siobhan, Dianne
Siobhan McCourt, class of 19'77, Dianne Parrott, class of 1977. Alumni who stayed in the hotel could have breakfast and lunch together.
  Joe, Jeff
Joe Williams, class of 1974, Jeff Coleman, class of 1974.
Ed, Robbie, Jack
Ed Wicyniak, class of 1982, Robbie Ahern, class of 1976, Jack Morgan, class of 1975.
Beth, Marc, Sharon
Beth Williams, class of 1975, Marc Melanson, class of 1974, Sharon Steele, class of 1975. Thanks, Beth!

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