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  Photographs of Florida Central Academy Alumni, and of the school and grounds, are presented here. All scans are from alumni collections. Enlarged photos feature captions.
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  pool Mid 60s graduation Lobby from the 60s
  Diane Cornelia Dining Room Library Girls
  back of classrooms Students at POE FCA street view
  Missy Coleman The Hearth staff 1962 O'Linger's room

Jeff Katz & Ricky Cope

Front of the Grill '77 Michelle Miller
  senior pool room Jude's room Martin/ Linda, Ann
  golf course view The Radio Club 1962 hunting down at the lake
  Allen Hall in 70s Main Building 1978 Kevin and Kay 1973
  Rick White Mr. Soos 300 building in 1990
  Boiler Room 1962 The fire South Wing after the fire
  Rene Kawas Summer School cover Miss FCA South Wing entrance Chimneys in the Fire
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We're trying hard to be as correct as possible with dates and with the spelling of people's names. If you see any mistakes, please let us know! All pictures on the photos page have captions with the enlarged version. If there are details that you see that we have not referred to, please e mail us the information. This web site is an alumni group effort, and your input is most valuable. If you have a scanner and can send us digital FCA images, please scan at 300 dpi and send as a jpeg or jpg. Also, please include as much info as possible about the photo, such as names of people pictured, date (approx.) of photo, and area of campus, if applicable.


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