The Florida Central Academy Website has just been activated once again. Please note that all pages will be available in the next few weeks. This is a work in progress. Thank you for your patience. the Florida Central Academy Alumni web site, a site by and for those who attended high school at FCA between 1959 and 1983. During those years, the historic Mount Plymouth Hotel in Sorrento, Florida, along with its surrounding 45 acres, was home to students from around the world. The school closed in 1983, and the main building burned down in 1986. Florida Central no longer exists as a school, but it is alive and well in the memories of alumni. We hope this site will help you to remember your golden years the land of the sun.

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Florida Central Academy opened for business in the fall of 1959 in the Historic Mount Plymouth Hotel. It was originally a boys school. But as times changed, so did the school. In 1971, the first few brave girls attended. Their rooms were in the 300 building. Within two years, almost half of the 200 plus student body were female and living in the south wing.


Classes in grades 7-12 were offered, and students from around the world attended. The school also accepted 'day students' from the local area. In it's heyday, it was considered one of the finest college preparatory boarding schools in the United States.
Here among the orange blossoms, With their fragrance rare, Stately stand our halls of learning, And our school so fair... Friends and classmates we have met here, Games we've lost and won, So remember Florida Central, While the years roll on.
(Excerpted from the School Alma Mater)

For the complete FCA Alma Mater, please see the History page.
"Who learns and learns
but acts not what he knows,
is one who plows and plows
But never sows."

(inscription above entrance to dining room)

The FCA Alumni web site hopes to chronicle the experiences, memories and achievements of life in one of Florida's most popular boarding schools. We are always looking for photos or stories related to FCA life. If you would like to share stories or photos, please contact us. We will have a email contact address soon. Also, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please send them in!

We need your help in maintaining our Alumni list. People change email addresses frequently and often forget to keep us up to date. Mary Lynn Jordan emails a very nice monthly news letter to those who register with us. We do not publish our Alumni information list so please take time to contact us periodically and let us know what's going on with your life! As alumni of this special school, we have the opportunity to share unique memories. We have also heard of great things happening as a result of people finding each other through this web site. You never know what photographs or something you remember can do for someone browsing this site. Please help us expand the site and keep in touch with each other. We have learned that some of our children appreciate the historical information found on this site. This site is an endeavor of love for those who contribute to it. New people continue to find us on a regular basis, so check back often!

Red Devil

This site started by the combined efforts of :
John Channon (class of '75)
& Peter Thorpe (class of '76) on September 10th, 1999

This site is currently maintained by Jude Rodrigues (class of '82)
Our Alumni Coordinator is Mary Lynn Jordan (Faculty 73-75) & John Tuttle (class of 72)


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